Residents in the Santa Clarita Valley understand the challenges of gardening here. Between the hot summers and the occasional hard freeze in the winter, it can be difficult to keep plants alive. We have found that people are often searching for plant recommendations. Because of this, the Castaic Lake Water Agency developed a plant resource for the Santa Clarita Valley. This website identifies plants that grow well in the SCV, are drought tolerant and also able to withstand a freeze.

The website is set up in a Pinterest-style format where each plant listing has a picture and some brief information. To learn more a particular plant, you can click on the listing. You can even share or save your favorite plants to your own Pinterest account or through social media.

Categories. Our plant database is grouped and searchable by the following categories:

  • Water Requirements (low, moderate, etc.)
  • Plant Type (groundcover, shrub, tree)
  • Flower Color (white, pink, red, purple, blue, etc.)
  • Size (small, medium, large)

Filtering Your Search. To find a plant for your landscape, you can select the categories most important to you. You can select one search term to get broad results or you can select multiple search terms to get more specific results.

i.e. I am looking for a medium size, low water use shrub with pink flowers.

Size: Medium
Water Requirements: Low
Plant Type: Shrub
Flower Color: Pink

Rating. Additionally, you can rate a plant by clicking the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” button. This is helpful to other users who may be considering this plant for their landscape.  You can also leave a comment to tell why you liked or did not like a particular plant.  For example, “I planted this in my front yard in full sun and it did very well with little watering.”

Please note that this rating function is anonymous – that is, other users will be able to see the number of likes or dislikes a particular plant has; however, they will not be able to see who liked or disliked that plant. Please, don’t rate the plant just based on the photo – some photos are better than others – just rate the plant.

This site is mobile responsive! You can view it on a computer or any mobile device.

This website is a great planning resource to research plants for your landscape or when you’re at your local nursery or home improvement store ready to make a purchase.